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Optometrist United


Optometrist United


  • Custom Shopify Theme
  • Wholesale Implementation
  • Wholesale Custom Shopify Theme

    Today’s wholesale customers behave a lot like regular customers. They expect a fast, accessible, effortless shopping experience. They expect information that is easy to read and easy to access. And, being wholesale buyers, they want specialized pricing and streamlined ordering processes.

    We built a custom shopify theme combined with the power of Wholesale Club, a wholesale app for Shopify merchants who need to create a private shopping experience for wholesale customers.

    Mobile Friendly Shopify Store

    We built a private storefront, only accesible to pre-approved wholesale customers. Once they log in, they are automatically redirected to the product catalog.

    Quickshop experience

    We collected customer behavior on the store via heatmaps, and based on their behavior we implemented a quickshop layout in order to speed up the purchase experience.

    Following Best Practices

    All of our custom Shopify themes are built with following the latest best practices in order to ensure your site is fully optimized for accessibility, technical SEO, and performance.