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Bakerly Shopify Theme


Bakerly Shopify Theme


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  • Bakerly's Shopify Theme

    Bakerly is a happy baked goods company that uses authentic recipes and quality ingredients, to create delicious products. Their original "crêpes to go!" have become a favorite snack. They are filled with tasty and delicious filling!

    First began when Julien and Fabian, two “Bretons” from Northwestern France, decided to combine their efforts, talents, and energy into one mission: "Bring their true love of Crepes, French brioche, and traditional French pastries into households across America."

    Wordpress to Shopify

    We re-platformed the company from Wordpress to Shopify and built a Shopify theme that would represent the brand's love of happy food and all-around good energy.

    Easy Modular Theme

    We built a sectioned Shopify theme and focused on accessibility, performance, and Technical SEO. Bakerly loves sharing their recipes with their audience, so we made sure all recipes had proper schemas in order to rank higher.

    Mobile Friendly

    Because Bakerly is a social company. The theme had to be mobile friendly and loaded fast to ensure users visiting from social channels would not have any problems navigating it.