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Quote Process, Shopify App, and New Theme for Floor City

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Floor City
UX/UI Design, Shopify Theme Development, Custom Shopify App
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UI Design, Shopify Development, Custom App Development
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Floor City, a prominent leader in the flooring industry in the United States, approached us with a comprehensive project to streamline their customer interactions and improve their online presence. The project involved three main components: a flooring quote process, a custom Shopify app, and the development of a new Shopify theme.

The comprehensive solution we delivered for Floor City, including the flooring quote process, Shopify app, and a new theme, has transformed their online presence and customer interactions. This project highlights our expertise in eCommerce, Shopify, and custom app development, as well as our commitment to creating modern and efficient solutions for our clients.

What we did in this project

Key Features and Functionality:

Flooring Quote Process:

Coverage Area Input:

We implemented a user-friendly interface for customers to input their coverage area information. This information is crucial for providing accurate product estimates.

Real-time Estimates:

Based on the input provided by users, the system generates real-time estimated totals, giving customers an instant idea of the cost of their flooring needs.

Shopify App:

Quote Orders:

Users have the ability to place quote orders directly through the custom Shopify app. These quote orders are saved as draft orders in Shopify, making it easy for the company to track and manage customer inquiries.

Product Availability Verification:

Once a quote order is received, Floor City's team can verify product availability and confirm the quote. This step ensures that customers receive accurate information regarding product availability.

Invoice Generation:

Upon confirmation, the company generates invoices and sends them to customers, streamlining the payment process.

Local Warehouse Pickup:

Customers have the option to pay for their flooring products and pick them up from a local warehouse or partner location, providing flexibility and convenience.

New Shopify Theme:

Modern Design:

We developed a new, modern, and responsive Shopify theme that aligns with Floor City's brand identity and showcases their extensive product range effectively.

Improved User Experience:

The new theme enhances the overall user experience, making it easier for customers to browse, search, and purchase flooring products.

Project Impact:

Streamlined Customer Interactions:

The quote process and Shopify app significantly simplified the customer journey, allowing for quick and efficient communication and transactions.

Enhanced Online Presence:

The new Shopify theme provides a visually appealing and user-friendly online store, boosting Floor City's online presence and brand image.

Increased Efficiency:

The integration of quote orders, invoice generation, and local pickup options streamlined Floor City's operations, improving efficiency and customer service.

Technologies Used:

Shopify for eCommerce functionality
React, React Native, Expo, Svelte, and other front-end technologies for app and theme development

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