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In the evolving landscape of digital retail, the transition to Shopify 2.0 stands as a beacon of advancement, offering unparalleled flexibility and control to e-commerce brands. Sobefy, a frontrunner in web development and UX design, recently spearheaded a transformative project for Kypris Beauty—a distinguished entity in the realm of organic skincare. This case study delves into the migration from a static Shopify theme to a dynamic, content-rich Shopify 2.0 framework, underscoring Sobefy's expertise in crafting responsive, user-centric online experiences.


Kypris Beauty's previous online storefront was constrained by its static nature, embedding content directly within the HTML without leveraging Shopify's robust content management capabilities. This approach significantly hampered the brand's agility in content updates and site customization, ultimately affecting the overall user experience and brand presentation. Recognizing these limitations, Sobefy was tasked with reimagining the Kypris Beauty online presence, setting the stage for a modern, scalable, and engaging shopping experience.

Sobefy's Approach

Discovery and Strategy

Our journey began with a comprehensive discovery phase, engaging closely with Kypris Beauty to distill their vision, understand their audience's needs, and outline essential features for the new theme. This collaborative approach ensured a tailored strategy that not only aligned with the brand's aesthetic values but also positioned it for digital growth and engagement.

Design and Development

At the heart of our design philosophy lies a commitment to exceptional user experience. For Kypris Beauty, we envisioned a design that encapsulates the brand's essence while ensuring navigation ease and engaging content presentation. Utilizing Shopify 2.0's capabilities, we developed a theme that offers extensive customization, from product pages to blog layouts, empowering the Kypris team to curate their content narrative dynamically.

Migration Process

The migration to Shopify 2.0 was executed with precision, ensuring content integrity, SEO ranking preservation, and minimal downtime. Our strategy involved a detailed audit of the existing site, meticulous content mapping, and leveraging Shopify 2.0's advanced features to enhance site functionality and user engagement.

Technical Highlights

Shopify 2.0 Features

Our implementation of Shopify 2.0's sections everywhere, dynamic content blocks, and metafields exemplifies our ability to leverage cutting-edge technology to enhance content manageability and site performance.

Custom Solutions

Recognizing the unique needs of Kypris Beauty, we developed custom solutions that integrated seamlessly with Shopify 2.0, including unique product discovery features and personalized skincare routines, fostering a bespoke shopping experience.

Performance Optimization

A pivotal focus was optimizing site performance to ensure swift loading times, seamless mobile responsiveness, and enhanced user engagement, resulting in a significant uplift in site traffic and user retention.

Results and Impact

The revitalization of Kypris Beauty's online store marked a significant milestone in their digital journey. Post-launch, the brand witnessed a remarkable improvement in user engagement, with a measurable increase in conversion rates and average session duration. The flexible content management capabilities empowered the Kypris team to maintain an evolving narrative, reflecting seasonal campaigns and product launches with ease.


The collaboration between Kypris Beauty and Sobefy exemplifies the transformative potential of Shopify 2.0 when leveraged by expert hands. This project not only showcases Sobefy's proficiency in delivering modern e-commerce solutions but also sets a new standard for brand expression and digital engagement in the beauty industry. As we look ahead, Sobefy remains committed to supporting Kypris Beauty in their growth, continuously exploring innovative ways to enrich their online presence.

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