Building a New Shopify Store for BetterFlock

Better Flock, an innovative company founded by the passionate sister duo Claudia Ferrer and Bianca Ferrer Gorordo, specializes in high-quality drinking water products designed specifically for poultry health. Our team developed a custom Shopify theme and integrated subscription functionalities to create a platform that mirrors their commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.


Better Flock
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The primary goal was to craft a digital experience that reflects Better Flock’s ethos of natural goodness and scientific integrity. We aimed to enhance the brand's online presence, improve user interaction, and implement a seamless subscription model to support their dedicated customer base.

Innovations and Solutions

Custom Shopify Theme: Inspired by Better Flock’s commitment to nature and science, we designed a theme that is both intuitive and informative, incorporating elements that reflect the company’s focus on sustainability and natural products. The design is clean and user-friendly, ensuring customers can easily navigate through their product offerings and educational content.

Subscription Integration: To accommodate the recurring needs of backyard farmers, we integrated Loop Subscriptions, enabling customers to receive regular shipments of their essential poultry health products. This feature not only enhances customer convenience but also builds a loyal consumer base by simplifying the repurchase process.

Educational and Brand Content: Recognizing the company’s dedication to providing expert advice and personalized recommendations, we included dedicated sections for educational content. This allows Better Flock to share valuable insights about poultry care, backed by their rigorous scientific research.


Strengthened Brand Identity: The new Shopify store successfully embodies the values of Better Flock, aligning with their mission to offer high-quality, scientifically-backed products that support organic practices.

Enhanced Customer Engagement: The intuitive design and subscription options have significantly improved user engagement and customer satisfaction, as evidenced by positive feedback and an increase in subscription sign-ups.

Empowered Company Operations: With a robust eCommerce platform, Better Flock has streamlined their sales processes, making it easier to manage inventory, fulfill orders, and connect with their community more effectively.

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