4 Recession-Proof Careers for Women Who Want to Stay Home

4 Recession-Proof Careers for Women Who Want to Stay Home

Finding work is challenging in the current economy, but statistics show that women are disproportionately affected by job losses and pay cuts. The solution may not be as drastic as applying to jobs in the few sectors that are still growing (like groceries or food delivery). Whether you have kids at home or not, there are recession-proof careers that allow you to stay at home while earning an income. Here are a few options for all women who want to work from home.

Start an Online Store

Though the economy has taken a dip, people are still shopping online. That means now is an ideal time to open an eCommerce store. If you feel lost when it comes to establishing your Shopify store, consider outsourcing the setup to a Shopify Development company like Sobefy. This way, you don’t need any web development expertise to establish a new income stream online.

Before you head online, however, it’s essential to get your digital tools ready. And while fast internet and productivity tools are handy, digital security should be the priority. Familiarize yourself with cybersecurity, including online safety best practices, and learn about defending against identity theft. Taking precautions can help preserve both your income and privacy.

Go Freelance for Flexible Hours

Many female professionals want to work from home for a range of reasons. The option to eliminate a commute or better protect your health may be part of the equation. But remote work is also better for women when it comes to lessening the gender gap, notes Fast Company, among other benefits.

And, as a survey by the Center for Creative Leadership found, flexibility is a top concern when it comes to women’s career paths. Especially for women who are moms, it’s easy to see why flexibility is a priority. Fortunately, parents can start a new, more flexible job from home – without the need for a babysitter.

Flexible employment opportunities in writing and editing, graphic design, and even accounting can help moms earn an income in their free time (or while the baby is napping). You can also choose offline work that you can complete at home – like babysitting, pet sitting, tutoring, or sewing.

Put Your Passions to Work

If you have an existing talent – say, you’re an expert seamstress or can knit like nobody’s business – then you have a ready career path. Offering products that you make at home is a great way to make an income on your own schedule. If your talent is sewing, you could offer tailoring services from your living room or sew clothing and other items to sell. Keep in mind that to make a decent wage, you need to use a pricing formula that covers your hourly investment and raw materials.

Regardless of what type of money-making hobby you’re passionate about, taking your new business seriously is crucial. Establishing a legitimate operation – complete with registering your business – can help both you and your family see your business in a new light. Plus, depending on your product or service, you may need certification or licensure – such as if you plan to open a home daycare.

Launch a Company (The Right Way)

Maybe a freelance gig or at-home job isn’t the path you want to take. Perhaps you’d prefer to start your own company or pursue entrepreneurship in a specific (and profitable) niche. While the economy’s downturn has caused many businesses to shutter, others are thriving – and there’s room for your next big idea, too.

Consider which startups are exceeding expectations amid the global recession. Then, devise ways to ensure your brand’s success. Of course, you can’t discount the impact of your marketing and advertising efforts.

Working from home isn’t for everyone – but it’s an excellent alternative for women who want a different kind of career. Whether you’re staying home to care for your family, preserve your health, or simply grow your income, there’s a job path to suit. You may even find that your professional life becomes more rewarding while pursuing your passions from home.



4 Recession-Proof Careers for Women Who Want to Stay Home

By Sarah Bull